Join the Guild of Aviation Artists

The Guild is always happy to welcome new members. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Open to all, artists and non-artists
  • High quality Quarterly News magazine Click here to view a sample QN
  • Numerous regional events, often with privileged access to museums and airfields
  • Help and advice from senior members to encourage and improve budding artists
  • Prestigious annual aviation art exhibition in central London
  • Annual subscription of just £35 to join as a Friend of the Guild

If you are interested in joining the Guild as a Friend, please contact the Guild or download an application form.

The Guild of Aviation Artists has almost 500 members worldwide, ranging from Friends to Full Members.
There are now four categories of membership:

  •  Friend
  •  Associate
  •  Full Member
  •  Fellow

Entry membership is as a Friend and is available to those in all age groups who are interested in aviation and/or art. This includes non-artists who simply enjoy the convivial atmosphere and proximity to aircraft, frequently in privileged situations, on Regional sketching days at museums and airfields. In combination with talks, visits, workshops and a quarterly newsletter (QN), advice and encouragement is always available to assist those who wish to graduate from Friend to Associate and, ultimately, to Full Member. Click here to view a sample QN.


The progression from Friend to Associate is on the recommendation of the Associate Members' representative and election by the General Committee.

The standard is high and artists will usually have had work accepted in three of the Guild's Annual 'Aviation Paintings of the Year' Exhibitions over a six-year period and will have demonstrated a consistency of standard in their work. The designation AGAvA is then awarded.

Full Members, who are entitled to use the designation GAvA after their names, are elected by existing Full Members following selection by a panel of judges.

At present, the Guild has about 60 Full Members who produce work of the highest quality to a professional standard and are considered to be distinguished aviation artists.

The category of Fellow (FGAvA) was introduced in 2004. An ultimate accolade, the category will be awarded occasionally by the Guild Committee to exceptional artists in acknowledgement of continuous commitment and support of all Guild endeavours over a period of no less than 10 years. This is a 'lifetime achievement' award.

Annual membership subscription rates are:

  • Young Friend: £15 for those under 25 years of age in continuing education
  • Friend: £35
  • Associate: £55
  • Full Member: £70

The subscription year runs from 1st January. New subscriptions taken out after 1st October continue until 31st December of the following year.

If you are interested in joining the Guild as a Friend, please contact the Guild  or download an application form.